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Additional analysis is available via a pass-through arrangement with a network of nationally accredited labs. 1-77-938-4861

Allergenco Spore Traps:
Quick, Reliable Results

The Allergenco spore traps are a next generation spore trap that allows easier and more accurate analysis of your samples. Officially referred to as an Allergenco D, the spores and particulate are deposited more uniformly along the trace due to the design of the cassette providing more reliable results for your customers.

The latest version of in the series is the Allergenco D Positrack. The Allergenco D Positrack combines the benefits of the spore trap with a full size slide that includes a bar coded serial number, insuring reliable tracking throughout the collection and analysis process. Both alternatives fit the standard spore trap pumps and are optimized for fifteen liters per minute.

Spore traps, including Allegenco D and Allegenco D Positrack can be used in conjuncton with a pump which is capable of pumping at least 15 liters/minute of air to obtain samples indoors or outdoors, in a variety of environments. Depending on the type of environment sampled, sampling can take anywhere from less than a minute to 10 minutes.

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