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After years of working with mold inspectors, remediators, home inspectors, and their clients, Air Allergen has created three report formats to help you expand your business by better serving your customer. These formats provide alternatives based on your customer's needs that help you be more productive, more knowledgeable, and more profitable.

Basic Lab Report
• Identifies and Enumerates: Raw count, Per cubic meter, and Percentage of sample.
• First column is always outside sample for ease of comparison.
• Identifies Spore Types as: Normally outside, Inside/Outside, Water Damage Spores.
• Identifies Particulate and gives an actual count (rather than 1,2,3,4,5).
• Identifies types of Particulate found.
• Provides a Micro-photograph of each type of sample.
• A table of possible health concerns, possible toxicity, and growing conditions.
• References for additional research.

The report is designed to help you explain the findings to your client and help the client understand the significance of the findings. This alternative will remain available at the regular cost of lab fees. You can select this alternative by checking the 'Basic Lab' box on the chain of custody sent in with the samples.

Expanded lab report
• Includes the basic lab report plus:
• Additional Information about mold and particulate.
• Establishes Guidelines for airborne spore counts, particulate counts, and colony forming units in carpet dust.
• Provides Comparison Charts for how your samples compare to thousands of other locations.
• Includes peer reviewed studies about the significance findings.

The cost of this alternative is $10 per job plus regular lab fees. This alternative can be initiated by checking the 'Expanded Lab Report' box on the chain of custody.

Expanded/Remediation report
• Includes the Basic lab report and Expanded Report Information.
• Organized more like a custom report.
• Has Table of Contents.
• Provides and includes remediation instructions.
• Can substitute for separate written report.

This alternative is ideal for home inspectors, IAQ inspectors who do not do remediation, and remediators looking for remediation guidance or customer validation.
The cost of this alternative report is only $18 per job plus regular lab fees which can save you hours of writing.
This alternative can be initiated by checking the 'Expanded Lab w/Remediation' box on the chain of custody.

Standard turnaround time for a mold spore trap analysis report is one day. (If carpet dust or other cultures are part of the report, the cultures could take up to 10 days to grow enough for identification.)

We strive to make mold spore trap analysis easy to understand. If the answers to your client's questions are not readily apparent, our microbiologists and remediation specialists can answer your questions.

Call 844-263-6103 or 770-938-4861 or email us at airallergen@gmail.com today to discuss your needs, or simply send your samples to Air Allergen & Mold Testing, 1543 Lilburn Stone Mountain Road, Stone Mountain, GA 30087. A COC form can be downloaded from the left panel for use with your samples.
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Michael S. Atlanta, GA

"At first I was a little confused over price and the testing process but after speaking with Michael, who by the way is a very nice, professional and customer friendly individual, I was able to understand what I was buying and why. It also helped tremendously to receive not one but two telephone calls, within a very reasonable amount of time, to explain, in layman's terms, the results of those tests. I woulddefinitely recommend Air, Allergen & Mold Testing, Inc. before choosing anyone. Others were so anxious to cash in on remediation that they overlooked details concerning testing."
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